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Hair Braiding Services in Utah

We offer braiding services for clients in the wasatch front area of Utah. We are currently out of Vivid Studio in American Fork. Appointments are limited and usually need to be booked a couple of months in advance. You can email us at or send us a message on Facebook.

Our pricing is below:







  • Formal Dance Up Do     $45 *European Straight Hair

Cornrows (Time: 1-3 hours)

  • Straight back                    $40
  • Creative                          $55+
  • Cornrows w/Individuals     $55+


Twists (Time: 1-3 hours)

  • Double Strand                    $50+

Individuals (2-6 hours)

  • Plaits                                  $65+
  • Mini Twists/ Braids(not micro)$85+


  • Starter Locs (Permanent Style) 

      - Two strand Twist Method $85+

      - Coil Method (for short hair, boys/men) $95+

      - Braid Method            $150+

      - Mini Braid                  $175+

      - Interlok Micro Locs     $225

  • Loc Maintenance (Tightening) - $50+ ($25/hr)

 “Hair not included”

 Cornrows  (2-4 hours)

  • Straight back                     $45
  • Creative Cornrows            $55
  • Cornrows w/Individuals     $75+


Twists   (2-7 hours)

  • Flat Twists (Straight Back) $45
  • Flat Twists (Creative)         $55
  • Nubian Twists                  $150 +  *
  • Senegelese                      $175 + *
  • Passion Twists                $175+*

Individuals (4-8 hours) charged at $25hr

  • Individuals                        $175+  *
  • Pixies                                $65+
  • Yarn Twists  (yarn included)$75+ * (This one is really dependent on length, so just ask) 

Crochet Extensions (3-5 hours)

  • Crochet extensions Prep      $65+  *
  • Crochet extensions Full        $175+  *


*Prices marked with + are due to the varying thicknesses of hair and the difference in time to complete the style. Times are also estimates they are dependent on the clients cooperation. Some styles you can choose to split into two appointments like Crochet extensions or Cornrows with individuals. The price will not change, some children prefer to break up the styling sessions. 

**Please arrive with hair freshly washed, detangled, blown out or sectioned into 4 sections with parts going from ear to ear and middle of forehead to middle of the nape of the neck. If possible band these four sections to stretch the hair naturally overnight. See photo below of banding. This will just allow for the time in the salon dedicated to braiding and not detangling. 

***As for most salons a style price can really depend on the client, please just ask what a particular style would cost for you.    

****New clients are required to pay a $32 Reservation Deposit that will go towards their style fee. This is due to multiple no shows. 48 Hour Cancellation Policy

Email: or Text: 385-419-0437 for an Appointment